Working together to better protect you

The Alberta Federation of Regulated Health Professions is a group of  health regulatory Colleges with the same mandate—”to regulate our respective professions in the public interest.” We work together to enhance public protection, advance healthcare regulation and to provide direction, expertise and leadership on health and related public policy.


Covid-19 Resource for Health Professionals

19 To Zero is a dedicated coalition of academics, public health experts, behavioural economists, and creative professionals working to understand, engage with, and ultimately shift public perceptions around COVID-19 behaviours and vaccination. 19 To Zero is committed to supporting healthcare workers to:

  • Get educated about COVID-19 vaccines so you can feel confident in your decisions and recommendations
  • Get vaccinated yourself to keep others safe and demonstrate your commitment to ending the pandemic
  • Get skilled at having constructive conversations about vaccination with patients

More information is available on the 19 to Zero website:

COVID-19 Alert:

Albertans are reminded of the importance of social distancing and self-isolating as important ways to minimize the spread of COVID-19. If you have concerns related to a health care professional’s compliance with the current restrictions  listed at, please contact the particular professional college.  A complete listing of links to each of the health profession regulatory colleges can be found on this website under the tab About Us/Our Members

Public Member Appointments

Each Health Profession College is governed by a board referred to as a Council. Effective April 2021 each Council will be made up of 50% health  professionals and 50% public members appointed by the Government of Alberta.  Public members are also appointed to a Hearing Tribunal Pool.  More information, about Colleges and how they are governed is available in the About Us section under Health Regulation.


  • May

    AFRHP AGM & Board Meeting

    Time: May 3, 2021  – time TBD
    Location: TBD