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Public Member Appointments

By January 19, 2022News

Each Health Profession College is governed by a board referred to as a Council. Effective April 2021 each Council must be made up of 50% health  professionals and 50% public members. Public members are appointed by the Government of Alberta.

The government also appoints a roster of public members who are eligible to be  members of a Hearing Tribunal.  If a a College believes that a health professional has behaved in an unprofessional manner the college Complaints Director will refer the matter to a Hearing Tribunal.  Hearing Tribunals panels are made up of 50 % members of the profession and 50% public members.

More information, about Colleges and how they are governed is available in the Health Profession College section of this website. Click here

There you will also find a link to information on the Government of Alberta website regarding how to participate on a board.