Public protection

Why Alberta’s regulatory colleges are important

We exist to protect Alberta healthcare users—our first responsibility is to you, the public. We regulate our respective healthcare professions and set standards to help ensure you receive safe, competent ethical healthcare services. We also strive for and promote excellence in healthcare regulation, patient care and our respective health professions. Our focus and commitment to public protection underpins everything we do.

Because of us, Albertans can be confident their regulated health professionals:

  • Meet mandatory licensing and registration standards (including education requirements) and pass standardized national/provincial qualifying exams.
  • Follow defined practice, conduct and ethical standards (which define how professional services are to be delivered/performed).
  • Renew their license to practice annually.
  • Participate in a mandatory continuing competence program.
  • Are held accountable for their professional conduct and practice by their respective college.

We maintain and make publicly available a register of health professionals who meet the standards and are registered with the College. We also investigate concerns/complaints regarding our members conduct.

Accountable to you
We are accountable to Albertans via the government. We report annually to the Minister of Health and Wellness, including the number of complaints received and their outcome/result and information on any suspended/cancelled members.

Please visit individual College websites for more information regarding a profession’s specific registration and licensing, practice and professional conduct standards or their inquiries/complaints process—links are provided on ‘our members‘ page.